Video Games Tend To Make For Quot Payne Quot Ful Film Adaptations

Unfortunately, producers of films forgotten one of the pivotal rules Hollywoods: Video games are never as successful film. With Wahlberg provide the star power and fans of video games that provide the hypothetical box-office receipts, the film seemed to be a success. It was the story of a man double-crossed and redemption, a story that seemed perfect for adaptation. Back in October, Mark Wahlberg star of the film adaptation of the popular video game Max Payne.

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Pierce Brosnan Chris Rock Susan Sarandon

Rock appears in the documentary Good Hair, the director Jeff Stilson examination of African-American hair, which was among the 64 films in Sundance announced four competitions for the cinema.. Film with Chris Rock, Pierce Brosnan, Susan Sarandon, Paul Giamatti and Emily Watson are among those competing for top honors at the Sundance Film Festival.

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Nicole Richie Won Quot T Let Benji Madden Enjoy The Single Life

But Nicole must get in the way. The source noted that Richie stopped every girl trying to take a photo of him, and also dragged him by the arm away from a busty blonde. Perhaps Nicole better to follow a new mantra: to each his own!. The girls were trying to flirt with him. Benji was approached by dozens of ladies. Props for Nicole to watch out for his girlfriend, but was not t the break between Pari and mutual Benji? Seeing as the heir goes through boyfriends like handbags, probably won t mind his last ex flirting with other girls.

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Ozzy Osbourne Rock Memorabilia Up For Auction

UK Express Star reports that Barry Spencer Scrannage, a drummer who has worked alongside Ozzy Osbourne after leaving BLACK SABBATH, there is no exclusive sales Ozzy recordings and other memorabilia to a rock auction Saturday.

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Penelope Cruz Goes Under The Mistletoe For Charity

Penelope radiates a soft spoken self-confidence which can be seen in his smile, and never fails to shine through no matter what he door, what role has playing or if it is. She looked absolutely flawless opening of all Unbreakable Kiss Mistletoe installation in New York the other day, and that it was t only because of his impeccable white suit chosen top hat and black combination. The girl can not do wrong in my eyes. Confession: I think it is absolutely Penelope Cruz, wonderful.

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